Srikanth Enterprises Enters into 21st year of its Services


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  • Srikanth Enterprises Is The Leading and Pioneer Service Provider In Commercial Refrigeration with An Annual Turnover Of Around $2 Million ‎ (INR 15 Crores) .

  • SE Is 2 Decades into The World Of Commercial Refrigeration with a Record-breaking Time for Erection and Commissioning, and 'Blue Star' Award Winning Services.

Founder and Managing Director

Srikanth M

Srikanth is 2 decades into entrepreneurship and bussiness. He is the founder and Managing Director of Srikanth Enterprises, Which is a leader and pioneer in Blue Star commercial refrigeration, under Srikanth's leadership and managment, Srikanth Enterprises has won 'Best South Sales and Services Award' continuously every year since 2016.

The Dynamic Entrepreneur and Bussinessman is regarded as the go to person in the world of Blue Star commercial refrigeration.

Blue Star Recommends ‘Srikanth Enterprises’ For Covid-19 Cold Storage Project To Andhra Pradesh Govt.

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